Faye Hall

Lust And Chasity

“The unfed lust of man has but one goal – to destroy the courage of an innocent soul” – Faye Hall

Darien Avery followed Caitlyn Sinclair to Rockhampton, Australia, memories of their very heated and intense love affair fresh in his mind. Upon setting foot on North Queensland soil though he soon learnt that he was not the only man in this new country that seemed infatuated with this breathtaking blonde haired beauty.

Women were turning up dead, their bodies victim to the worst kind of sexual sins; women who fitted the description of Caitlyn Sinclair, and Darien was being told that every clue to the murderer lead back to his family. Frantic to save her life, he sent Caitlyn up north to her family hoping to free her from the horror that had followed her from England. When he received word that her body, along with a man’s, had been found shot dead near one of his packing sheds his heart broke and he threw himself into a life of debauchery and sin as punishment.

Caitlyn Sinclair fled from the packing shed in Rockhampton, fearful of the murder she had just committed. Instinct told her to go to the one man who would always keep her safe – Darien Avery. But when she found him he was already holding another woman in his arms. Broken hearted, she fled up north to the town of Jarvisfield and to her father, determined to live her life independent of any man.

Being accused of murder, Darien finds himself also in Jarvisfield, and he soon learns that the murderer who was butchering blonde haired, green eyed women had followed him here. It was only when he glimpsed the familiar beauty of Caitlyn Sinclair that he knew he would finally have to put an end to this horror before she was taken away from him again. But when he goes to warn her of the monster chasing her Darien soon discovers she is no longer his lustful lover, rather a lady of chastity.

Content Warning: contains sex, strong language, and some violence

Genre(s): Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Australian Romance, series