My Path To Publication

  • I’ve been writing since I was a child, but decided to try and make a career out of it at about 17.
  • My very first complete novel was actually picked up straight away by a company called Venus Press, but unfortunately they had financial issues and my rights were returned to me.  After that it was a struggle for quite come years of many rejection letters until I was taken up by another publisher in 2010.  From then it’s been a constant push but I’ve managed to get a book out a year through several publishers.
  • I write mostly at home, though my phone also has an assortment of notes and chapters hidden on it.  As for rituals, I’m very old school and still start a story the same way I use to at high school – I put on some music and I handwrite a rough story structure.
  • I’m a bit of a plotter and a panster.  Most of what I try to plan on papers usually always changes drastically when I type it on the computer.
  • My favorite part of the writing process is the first draft, especially of the most dramatic scenes.  I find it a very raw part of the process and the most creative.
  • The most important part of a novel to me is a good plot with lots of twists and turns.
  • I so want to say my writing routine is precise but I really can’t.  My husband is a shift worker and we currently have 5 of our children living at home and at school so my life is usually super busy.  I write what I can where I can pretty much.  The only real routine I have is usually about a week of self-edits before I send a script away.  These usually include a long list of words I’m guilty of over using, as well as shortening any words that need to be – it’s a long list that I go through with each book before I send it on it’s way.
  • I’m currently trying to write about 3 a year but I always strive for more.
  • The publishing company I’m currently with was something I literally stumbled upon in a google search.  I was with another company at the time that were very slow and I wasn’t happy with their ethics or process so I was desperate to find something else.  I sent them a script in 2014 and they loved it.  I’ve been with Beachwalk Press ever since.


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