My personal connection to ‘Carnal Transgression’

A little bit of personal history went into my new release Carnal Transgression. Seamus (the hero) was inspired by my Great Grandfather, Hugh O’Loan, who came to Australia from Ireland and was a police officer in both countries.


Lynch’s Beach which is a prominent setting in the book. Most locals call it Alva Beach as this is the name of the small township it borders onto.





There are only several surviving pictures of the local police station in the Burdekin Shire of which Dalbeg, (the setting for Carnal Transgression) is a part of. For my reference, I looked to the photo I have of the original Ayr police Station. It has since been rebuilt several times since this picture was taken.





There’s a bit of ‘me’ in all my books, but Carnal Transgression was like looking through my own family history a little and wondering exactly what hardships my own family had to take in order to get their new start across the oceans.

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