You got to laugh

I was up at the primary school one day to pick up my kids and while I was waiting I was working on some story notes on my phone.  The lady who came and sat beside me mentioned that every time she saw me I was always typing on my phone.  I explained to her that I was an author so used the quiet time waiting at the school to work on some plot ideas.  Her face lit up and she said how wonderful it was that I wrote children’s stories.  She went on to talk about all the wonderful ideas I must come up with as I had so many kids ( I have 5 kids and 4 adult step kids).  When she mentioned that I should come up to the school to read to the children, I politely explained that I didn’t write children’s books, but in fact wrote romance stories set in my hometown.  Her expression changed to one of shock and she asked how could I come up with such stories.  I simply told her that I’d had a lot of practice making babies so I used that as ideas in my books.

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