Excerpt – Shrouded Passions

He walked up behind her, his arms going around her waist and down to the apex of her thighs, his fingers gathering up her skirts searching for the bare flesh beneath.

She struggled against him, finally pulling away freeing herself.

His stare was dark and confused.  “Is my touch no longer welcomed?”

“I am not some whore for you to play with at your will!” she spat at him, her anger obvious.

Slowly he stepped towards her, again closing the distance between them.  “Are you so sure of that, my dear?”

“You bastard!” she cursed at him.  “You would fuck near on anything if you were given half the chance!”

Reaching out to her, he again pulled her to him, her rear pressing into his already strained mound in his trousers.

“I would fuck you…here…now…but it appears my attentions are no longer welcomed.” He whispered near her ear, his breath hot against her face, his hands holding her hips as he ground himself into her suggestively.

Pushing against him, she struggled to again free herself.  He grabbed at her arm, holding her wrist, stopping her escape. 

“You son of a bitch!” she spat at him, holding her tears at bay.  “You have fucked your way through your serving staff until there is none left.  You would even fuck that woman…that thing…you share your bed with…the thing you call…”

“My wife.” He finished for her.

He stood there for what seemed hours holding her, studying her.  Finally, he let her wrist drop from his hand.

“You should get back to work,” he said steadily, knowing he was not ready for this moment.

She stood there, a single tear falling from her eye.  “You should go back and crawl between your wife’s thighs.”

Stepping towards her, his hands went to her face cupping it, his fingers lacing in her hair, his lips hungrily taking hers.  Walking her backwards, he laid her on the bed behind her, one hand leaving her face to gather up her skirts.  Despite having returned his kiss, she fought against him as he gathered up her skirts.

“Get off me!” she shouted at him, her hands trying to push him away as her feet kicked at him.

Struggling against her, he finally grabbed both of her wrists in his hands, holding them above her head.  Looking down at her, her cheeks flushed, her breasts moving with her ragged breathing – never had he seen her look more beautiful.  And never had a wanted her more.

“If I wanted little more than a quick fuck I would go to the tavern and pay for it.”

“Why not go to your wife?” she asked, her fight calming.

“My wife was a contract, nothing more.  Our parents thought we’d make a profitable match.”

“Yet you will still sleep with her.” she spat at him.

He couldn’t stop his slight smile at her words.  “Until I met you…until you came here…the only woman my body burned for was a girl from my youth…a girl so uninhibited and unconventional…you are so much like her…yet you are so much more as well.”

His words trailed off.

“What happened to her?”

His smile began to fade as reality returned to him.  “I killed her.  There was a struggle…my gun went off…and she died in my arms.”

“If you loved her so much…desired her so much…why did you marry Elizabeth?  Why come to me?”

He let go of her wrists, his hands moving over the swell of her breasts.  His fingers began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Since you have come into my life, I desire no other woman.  You are everything I have ever wanted and more…”

“Your wife…” she reminded him.

“You are the only woman to have touched me since I shot that girl.”  Unbuttoning her blouse, he let the fabric all away from her, revealing the light shift covering her, still hiding her breast from him.

“I have not lain with my wife…ever.”

She tried to stay strong.  “When you can fuck your way through your servants, I suppose why would you?”

His fingers circled her nipples, hardening them, making her reveal her want for him.  “If I wanted to ‘fuck’ you, I would have when I first walked in this room.  I would have bent you over that table you were cleaning until I spilled myself inside you.”

She bit her lip.  “Why didn’t you?”

His fingers stilled, his gaze holding hers.  “I want to give you pleasure.  I want to see your passion.”  He held his breath.  “I want to give you what was taken from me all those years ago.”

“I-If your wife comes in here…if she sees us…” she tried.

He kissed her softly.  “I do not care who sees us.”

“I am not this girl from your past, Devon,” she tried to remind him.

Gathering up her skirts, he revealed her naked thighs to him.  “I know who you are, Lotte…and what.” He kissed her then, silencing her, his fingers caressing her thigh.

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