What inspired Indulgence & Temperance?

My idea for this book was always going to involve the sin of gluttony, but in today’s world we often think of over eating or something similar. 

After some research into the origins of what the church declared as gluttony I discovered it actually meant indulging in anything to the point of waist be it food, drink, drugs or any other such possession. 

I wanted to show my hero, Daniel, as a man tempted by such indulgences and then lured to a better way of life by the heroine.  Also I like linking old world drug use into this series – there was cannabis in the first book. 

As for the setting, my inspiration of using the old trade route that takes the main characters from Rockhampton to Jarvisfield came from a local history book.  So the trail mentioned, including the town and hotel name is actually historically correct.

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