Utter madness

I usually don’t speak too much about my private life to the world – it’s usually books and more books. But I recently did an interview and it asked about my daily schedule. The question actually made me laugh out loud. After I composed myself, I did write an appropriate response, but what I really wanted to write was my schedule is utter madness.

Five of our children are still living at home – number 1 is doing uni and working, number 2,3, and 4 are at high school and number 5 is still at primary school. Number 1 has his licence but still saving for a car. Number 2 is doing placement for a school-based uni course 2 afternoons a week. Number 2, 3, and 4 are also doing the local drama festival play held by the school with rehearsals 2-3 times a week. Number 5 is doing a before school sports program.

My parents are elderly and I’m responsible for my mum’s medical check-ups and anything else she needs.

Oh, and my wonderfully patient husband works shift work.

So, this is normal life for me. About a dozen alarms set a day to remind me where I have to be, a wall calendar that had a few blank days a month and emails marked as unread so I don’t forget school payments and schedules.

Somehow I manage to find time to write – sometimes it’s a few words, or some piece of promo. There are days where a file sits open on my computer and I never even get a chance to look at it.

Amongst all this madness, I’ve managed to get my returned titles re-released. Even managed a few new releases this year. I’m hoping to release 4 titles a year provided I can keep up – in this world of AI accusations I should note that I’ve over 200 files on my computer, some a few thousand words, others a few sentences; I’ve been keeping notes since I was at school and gradually I’ve been completing them and setting them aside ready for release.

Something else from my school years I’ve been working on are some short books of poem like things, and ditties and scenes from books that have no beginning or end. They’re raw and created out of the mind of a teenager. When they’re finally release in the coming months, no doubt some people will think such writings should have stayed hidden on the scrap pieces of paper they originated on. Hopefully though, someone somewhere, will read them and feel no so alone, and for a few moments, become a part of who I used to be.

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