What’s in a name?

When I started writing the Sins of the Virtuous series, quite a lot of research had to go into them. Amongst the research of the obvious sins and virtues, I wanted to include something for me, and for those readers that were curious to look beyond the story a little. I’m talking about the origin of the names of the characters.

There have been a couple of readers who have commented on the names used in these seven books, not all of those as positive as I’d hoped. Nonetheless, the names of the main characters weren’t chosen because I envisioned someone would have named their child this in history, so much as being names that suited the subject of each book.

For those interested:

Lust & ChastityCaitlyn Sinclair’s first and last name means pure (which can be another name for chastity).

Indulgence & TemperanceBeth Meridian’s surname means middle (which can be another name for temperance).

Avarice & CharityAvarice is another name for greed and Charity is self explaining.

Apathy & VigourTristen Brone’s first and last name means sorrowful (which is another name for apathy). Amalie means industrious (which is another name for vigour) and Fergus means strength (which can also translate as vigour)

Wrath & MercyFinley Helmer’s surname mean’s fighting fury (which can translate to wrath). Elina Clemence’s surname directly translates as mercy.

Envy & FavourAtol Livia entire name means hateful and envious. Anna Jenel’s entire name means gracious or favour.

Vanity & HumilityCady means humility

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