What is Lust?

Lust and Chastity (Sins of the Virtuous Book 1) gives an example of the sins definition of intense longing through the passionate relationship between the hero, Darien, and the heroine Caitlyn.

There is a far darker side to the sin of Lust though. It is usually thought of as intense or unbridled sexual desire which may lead to fornication (including adultery), rape, bestiality, and other sinful and sexual acts. It could also mean other forms of unbridled desire, such as for money, or power.

Warren Bannister is introduced into the story as a relative of Darien’s, but his intentions throughout the story are far from family orientated. His unbridled desire to get his hands on Caitlyn threatens the two young lovers with horrors they never imagined.

Please enjoy Lust & Chastity

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